Paddock Specialty

Imagine an old fashioned village square where all of the elements of a small town life come together. Now, imagine that all of the elements of racing are coming to the square, sometimes on a collision course. All of the race cars, drivers, mechanics, officials, press, sponsors, celebrities, and fans with all of the excitement that follows the teams. This includes those who's best efforts have failed as they trudge their equipment back to the transporter, all of the hopes that walk with each fan looking for a famous face, or the deadline that pushes the reporter rushing to the press tower and the glory all come together here.

Armed with whistles and hand signals the Paddock Marshalls ensure the smooth flow of traffic through this busy area between the garage and track. Although their biggest contentions on professional weekends may be spectators, the Paddock Marshalls need to always be alert to events on and off the track. They must always be ready to clear a pathway for an emergency vehicle or a disabled car returning to the garage for repairs which is also a challenge. Paddock Marshalls have unique opportunities to observe all of the behind the scene activities, see their favorite drivers and cars up close and still play an important role in the sport. Stamina, quick thinking, and diplomacy carry the successful Paddock Marshall a long way through what can be a very rewarding experience.

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