Flags ...uses & meanings
BLACK - Pull into pits for consultation Indicates a driver is being penalized or ordered off the track.
GREEN - Start - Indicates the start of the event or a restart after a caution period.
YELLOW - Caution. Slow and hold position - Indicates an unsafe condition an the track. Cars may not pass under the yellow flag.
RED - Stop - Indicates the complete stoppage of the race due to some unsafe conditions.
YELLOW WITH VERTICAL RED SLASHES - Oil or debris on track Indicates unsafe surface condition.
BLACK WITH ORANGE CIRCLE IN CENTER - (Displayed with number of car) Mechanical or other problem. Must stop at pit.
BLUE WITH YELLOW DIAGONAL STRIPE - Informs driver that he is about to be overtaken. waived indicates immense of overtake.
WHITE - Ambulance, Officially vehicle or slow moving vehicle on track near or at that station - Waved for station to which the flag applies and steady at proceeding station.
CHECKERED - Finish.- End of session.

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