What is Race Services, Inc.?

We're an organization of volunteers committed to promoting the cause of road racing enthusiasts, and promoting Watkins Glen International as a world leader in road racing.

We make up the safety team, while providing support with Flagging and Communications; Grid; Paddock; Pits; Start-Finish and Worker Support.

Want to share your excitement of racing - come on down and join our team that supports Watkins Glen International!

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Upcoming RSI Events
Updated 9/20/2021

What's coming up next at The Glen?  Mark on your calendars:

September 24th-26th:  SCCA Finger Lakes "Fun One"
Event Sign Ups is: OPEN


October 2nd-3rd:  BMW Genesee Valley Chapter
Event Sign Ups is: OPEN


October 8th-10th:  NASA Northeast
Event Sign Ups Will Open 9/27


October 15th-17th:  Vintage Racer Group
Event Sign Ups Will Open 10/04


All specialties, not just F&C are encouraged to use our event sign up website, MotorsportReg. 

It is highly recommended that the members who will be working these events go to motorsportreg.com and sign up for the event.  By doing so, the specialty chiefs will know how many workers will be in attendance for the events and do any necessary pre-event planning.  This will also enable the worker support staff to have adequate supplies on hand for the debriefings and servicing the workers while they are working on station.

Message To Members

Please read a message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors to the members of RSI. These comments were not included in the July 2021 Newsletter.  CLICK HERE (You may need to sign in using the Members Only information.)

Letter from Bill Armitage - IMSA Weekends

Bill Armitage from IMSA has sent us a thank you letter for the two IMSA events that we have put on:

Thank you everyone that helped make the 6 Hours of the Glen and the 240 a successful two race events. I know it was a long 6 days for everyone, especially those that worked both race weekends We appreciate the time and effort put forth to make these two races go off.

The two races were almost polar opposites of each other but both in the end ended up being very entertaining. The flagging and communications were very good over both weekend and appreciate the adjustments you made as each day progressed. The accuracy of calling Track Limits vs. On and Offs at 1, 8 and 10 and differentiating them was nothing short of spectacular. I think you had roughly a 92% accuracy based on reviews we did on them. The Race Director was very appreciative of that as he became very comfortable in making decisions when the camera were locked down.

A Special Thank You to Maury Starr for organizing both weekends and most importantly working with me to get up to speed understanding Watkins Glen. His information given to me really got me up to speed very quickly in being able to best work with RSI.

On a personal note. It was great seeing a lot of familiar faces on your home turf. I have been told that I needed to go to Watkins Glen. I am very grateful that I was finally able to come and was blown away by the circuit. Watkins Glen is such a cool place and I can’t imagine what it was like back in the day with F1 running around the circuit. Thank you for the wonderful hospitality and being so welcome. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to The Glen and enjoyed the surrounding areas. I look forward to returning in a couple of months.

Again, Thank you for all of your hard work as it did not go unnoticed. Look forward to seeing many of you very soon whether it be at WGI or elsewhere at another race.


Bill Armitage
Marshals Communicator IMSA

Letter From Joe Green - IMSA Weekend

Joe Green has sent RSI a letter regarding the IMSA weekends:


I just wanted to reach out and pass along how honored and thankful Watkins Glen International is to have you all a part of our team.

IMSA [Six Hours, and the WeatherTech 240] wasn't the easiest or smoothest events ever, but RSI and WG Track Services stepped up to the plate and showed the world that we are the best.  This was the first time that WGI hosted back to back major televised events and on top of that right at the end of a worldwide pandemic.  Everyone knew staffing was going to be the biggest issue, but your dedicated team members showed when we needed them the most and their professionalism made both events huge success.  Thank you for everything you do for us and I hope you understand it's very much appreciated. 

Many Thanks!!


Family COVID Policies in the Campground

 As we move the needle to get back to normal we will now allow members to bring family into the campground while volunteering for the weekend. 

 Family Policies: 
 - Family must be member of your household or as follows (Son, Daughter, Wife, Husband, or Spouse.) 

 - All family members must report to Gate 2 and sign both waivers when they arrive for the weekend. They will be given a wristband for the weekend once the waivers are signed. 

 - RSI will monitor members, and WGI Security will be making rounds in the campground. 

 - No family members will be permitted into the racing faculties at any time. 

 - All family must stay at or around the member's private camp. 

 Thank You, 
WGI Management

Snail and E-Mail
Are you getting emails and/or snail mail from RSI? If not, please reach out to David Kozlowski at (716) 785-5343 or davidkozlowski1@gmail.com

RSI Apparel
Don Logan is selling RSI apparel, and has now added white windbreakers to his menu. You can find samples and order information in the Members Only section. The file is titled Don_Logan_Apparel.pdf

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